Who are we

Our team

Don Seehusen

Chairman and Co-founder

Founding Director and Chairman of the Board of Consorcio Agroforestal SA. He handles the day to day operation of the business, and is in constant communication with the entire team. Don and Hendrik have been working together for 18 years, and have worked with the rest of the team for more than 10 years. As an expert in wood production, he represents the Forestal portion of Agroforestal. Bolivia is the home of some of the world’s finest Forest Stewardship Council forests and very beautiful wood. Wood products are another agricultural commodity crop.

Hendrik Nollen

President and Co-founder

Founding Director and President of Consorcio Agroforestal SA. He is a Dutch citizen, currently living in Mexico. He will be relocating to Bolivia to lead and organize farming operations. Hendrik is a high energy senior manager, an expert in sourcing and selling commodities of all sorts, and is the chief liaison person since he speaks six languages fluently, and is equally comfortable speaking with Presidents of countries or indigenous people.

Gary Richards

Chief Financial Officer

CFO, and Director of Consorcio Agroforestal. He is located in Dublin, Ireland and is a business consultant, with decades of analytical business experience and management consulting.

Gamal K. El-Makki

Global Sales Officer

He is a trusted contact person focused on Saudi Arabia, UAE, and other Middle East nations, with over 25 years of experience dealing with major financial transactions and acquisitions. An Arabic/English speaker, he has personal contact with key people in several countries. To deal with the major concern of Food Security, he directs clients to our abundant farms in South America.

Martha Jimenez

Corporate Lawyer

Martha Jimenez is a professional lawyer who specializes in negotiating contracts, and complying with Bolivian laws. She also acts as our operations officer dealing with the banks and insuring that financial matter are handled in a timely manner and reporting is accurate and on time.

Lupita Jimenez

Local logistics

Lupita Jimenez has been sourcing various products for the company in large quantities and small. She works closely with indigenous women to produce and organize their efforts to improve quality and add value for export products: cacao, almonds, quinoa and dried tropical fruits.

Experienced managers

We are a consortium of senior experienced managers and professionals specializing in agricultural commodities, natural resource products, and project development. We have been in business together in these areas since 1985, individually for decades before.

The University of Wageningen, a leading Dutch agricultural university, is consulting with Consorcio Agroforestal to provide technical assistance to our farmers in Bolivia, Brazil, and Paraguay on modern farming methods, increasing production and raising profit levels. The University will supply post-graduate interns to assist our farmers.

Solving food problems

We are primarily focused on solving problems related to FOOD SECURITY. We work directly with commodity suppliers at their local level to ensure quality commodities at fair but uninflated prices, delivered CIF, without multiple levels of brokers between the farm and the customer.

We find that we are somewhat unique since we answer inquiries immediately and quote competitive prices quickly and deliver when we say we will, and we can arrange to finance for all projects either conventionally or on a custom basis.