Technology in the field

AFS Advanced Farming Systems

Case IH AFS Connect ™ uses a combination of global positioning systems and mobile communication technology to send and receive information about the machine, agronomy and work location. Telematics can help us to improve the productivity of the farmers with up to the minute accurate control of resources and workforce.

The expertise and local support of Case IH ensure that our AFS technology continues to work smoothly so that we can maximize the return on your investment.

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Keep the machines and tools of the farmers on the right track in a repeatable way.

Autopilot is an operating system that can be retrofitted in machines of many different brands and models. This conversion package uses the existing electrohydraulic circuit of the machine to make it completely up to date with an automatic guidance system. The system provides a significant increase in yield during seedbed preparation, sowing and harvesting by helping the farmers to drive more precisely and consistently during the long working days on the field.

Cruisecut laser guidance

With the help of a laser detection system the combine recognizes the difference between the uncut crops and the stubble field.

The laser detection detects the edge of the crops (the height difference between the uncut crops and the stubble field) and sends correction signals to the steering system of the combine. The header is then guided very precisely along this edge. The laser eye is mounted on the cab and can be aimed at both the left and the right side of the header.

Cruise Cut uses a laser beam, and therefore works ideally in dusty environments and at night. This results in maximum efficiency on the field with considerably less stress for the driver.

Work Smarter with Drone Data

Agriculture is one of the fastest-growing markets in the commercial drone industry today. And UAVs are quickly becoming an indispensable tool to help us become more efficient in the field, and make more informed crop management decisions.

Over the past few years, a growing ecosystem of ag-specific drone solutions has emerged, making it possible to put aerial data to work in new and exciting ways, ranging from detecting crop damage to analyzing stand counts.

Our partner DroneDeploy developed the leading processing algorithm customized for agriculture.