Feeding the World ~ One Shipload at a Time

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Consorcio Agroforestal SA

“We are a producer and seller of most agricultural commodities, shipped worldwide, in full shipload quantities and multiple container amounts with a CIF, delivered price.
Our farms in South America produce during the northern hemisphere winter and we have a 365 day growing season.
The growing world population demands high quality food.

Our farms

Our farms total over 500.000 hectares and have a 365 day growing season, with at least two crops per year.

Alfalfa hay

We produce Supreme Hay for dairy cows and cattle. It is containerized and shipped anywhere in the world. Up to 1.000.000 metric tonnes per year.

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Wageningen University

The University of Wageningen, a leading Dutch agricultural university, is consulting with Consorcio Agroforestal SA.

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